What we do

At Your Service

We are a "boutique consultancy" Specialist Team , UK based with members in various countries, active in UK, Europe, South Africa, etc. operating both onshore and offshore. We work with a small number of clients at any one time, and maintain long term relationships. Our approach is typically to work closely on projects, with a small number of highly empowered stakeholders, often just one person on the client-side. Project sizes range from 1-hour projects to multi-month projects.

What We Do

In-Company Systems

custom-made back office systems, rule based engines, integration with internal and external systems, including banks, via APIs, or without APIs.

New Mobile Apps

…for business operation e.g. including related back office systems, partner connections, payment systems, etc incl unusual platforms/integrations.

Active Websites

special websites (lots of transactional functionality, or e-commerce etc.), including advanced SEO and traffic generating methods. B2B and B2C.

Also the difficult stuff

inbound/outbound automated calling, web scraping of data, hardware integration, analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

applied to business tasks, and new alternative ways of providing services, including advanced Bots.

Cloud Services

We provide a full range of Cloud services, including hybrid data centres, planning, management, PCI, GDPR, Penetration testing, cost reduction, etc.

  • Strategy

    We work with you using our joint experience and innovation, to find the best way to achieve your objectives.

  • Design

    We take an iterative or phased approach to design, whether process, look & feel, or content, and usually able to accommodate a fixed cost basis.

  • Build

    We apply the best and latest technology to build scalable solutions for you, with the lowest possible operating cost.

  • Operate

    We understand how important the operation of your systems are, and oversee both the systems and the infrastructure with 24x7 monitoring and support response.